Who are these people?

Hopefully you at least know one of us, otherwise you're just coming to our party for partying's sake. [1]


Born to Cindy and John Macca, came to Bristol in 2000 with her family. Alumna of Alfred University with a B.S. in Physics (Astrophysics!). Currently working on working out what she'd like to do for work. Work [2].


Born and raised in Bristol, the son of Tom and Mary Stevens. Alumnus of RIT, with a B.S. in Computer Science. Currently working at IMSWorkX, a local company he helped to form.

The Togethering

Having become friends in high school and continued to stay in vague contact through college, both Jessica and Greg found themselves in need of a place to live that wasn't their respective parents'. So they found and rented a house.

After nearly a year of becoming closer friends, Greg decided that there was some potential for more. Having had the topic brought up, Jessica agreed, and things have gotten quite serious [3] since.

[1] Totally fine, by the way. Come and have a drink with us, just remember to RSVP so we know who's coming. :-d
[2] The sentence just didn't seem like it had enough "work"s in it.
[3] "Serious" in the sense of intense and true and earnestly. We laugh more than ever.

A Proposal?

As you may have noticed, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We're also pretty bad with calendars and dates [4] and things, so this space, which would normally be filled with a cute story of how we met, or our first date, or how Greg proposed, or something like that, instead is an apology for the lack of such. [5]

We live together. We've been living together for longer than we've been romantically involved. We're weird, we know. The date you need to remember is 10/12/14, that's the line in the sand. If we didn't have to do some paperwork then you wouldn't even have that.

[4] Both the calendar-y and the social kind.
[5] We are cute and adorable and romantic and all that. We just don't look at our watches or calendars when we are.